Handinthebox - Hand In The Box / ronghu69 at blujay.com SUCKS!!!

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I ordered e-cigarette flavor cartrigages from Handinthebox.com.I Checked with them ahead of ordering to make sure they had medium strength in tabacco flavor and I was assured they did.

I placed the order on July7th, on July 8th they wmailed me saying they didn't have what I ordered. I immediately told them to cancel my order and refund my money. On July 15th they then decided to ignore my email and sent me flavors such as bubble gum, grape, cherry, and what not; all with no nicotine strength. I had specifically told them I was NOT interested in smoking anything that didn't taste like a cigarette, and I was NOT interested in smoking anything with NO nicotine.

On July 31st a package arrived with the unwanted merchandice in it. I REFUSED delivery and the USPS sent it back to them on a plane to China on August 1st. It is now August 30th and even after I have filed a complaint with paypal every couple days they decide to come up with some reason for paypal to NOT refund my money.

Being that I refused service and it was originally sent over 30 days ago I cannot get any more tracking information.

The sender KNOWS I returned the package if they have not recieved it yet (which is doubtful).

For the love of god DO NOT buy from these people!!!the sites are http://www.handinthebox.com/ http://www.blujay.com/?page=profile&profile_userna note: the blujay page says they are from nebraska, they are from beijing china!!!

Review about: Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges 10Pcs Pack.



I've ordered large quantities from handinthebox,

this includes, curling irons, electronic cigarettes, and even costumes and have had no complaints from the customers i sell to. Also they're not from beijing china, you clearly don't have your facts straight which is why, I myself think your review is BS. They're in Yiwu, China, pronounced e-woo.

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